Soft candy, product type: gel candy

Soft candy is a kind of soft, elastic and flexible functional candy, which is mainly made of pectin, sugar-free and other raw materials. Through multiple processes, it forms an exquisite and durable solid candy with different shapes, textures and flavors, with elasticity and chewiness.

With people's pursuit of high-quality life, our soft candy can be used as a delicious snack while providing special nutrition.

With vegetable gum, pectin, etc. as the main raw materials, according to different formulas and added effective ingredients, through multiple processes, it forms an exquisite and preservation-resistant candy-type health food with different shapes, colors and tastes, which has elasticity and chewing feeling. Different colloids will bring different taste experience.


With sugar substitute as the sweetener, it can be made into five-sugar soft candy without sucrose to meet the needs of people who are seeking for health and low sugar.

Conventional soft candy forms include: sandwich type, mixed gel type, collagen casing type (It can be customized according to the needs of the brand.)

Pouring process of soft candy:
1. Raw material acceptance 2. Dissolved sugar 3. Mixed boiling (rubber powder, purified water) 4. Temporary storage 5. Mixing 6. Filtering 7. Pouring 8. Drying 9. Screening sugar 10. Oil 11. Inner packaging 12. Fine inspection 13. Outsourcing