Explosive bead

Explosion beads, product type: gel candy, alias: seamless capsule.


Explosive beadThe diameter range of the product can be 2.0mm~8.0mm, and the outer layer is brittle rubber shell or instant rubber shell, which is a kind of micro-food grade capsule containing liquid or paste core liquid.


The advantages of seamless capsule are:
1. The dosage form is fashionable and easy to share;
2. No chewing for oral use, zero residue
3. More environmentally friendly


Our company has established a complete seamless capsule technology system through the accumulation of content allocation, wall material development, drip process research, supporting process research, online adaptability research, standard construction and other aspects.

Our capsules can be dissolved in 6 seconds in oral disintegration test; No adhesion and stable quality under normal temperature;

Natural flavor and taste are favored by consumers.

Through the continuous research of our team, the capsule content inclusion ability, roundness, pressure value, moisture resistance, stability and other indicators will become a leader in China. Helping our customers' seamless capsule products become "explosives" in the industry


Explosive beadWe have two business segments for the business:
1. The Japanese factory of jiabeikang produces naked beads and sends them to China for repacking;

2. US Lemon Pharmaceutical Ltd. is located on the Airport Avenue of 2052 BUNDY DRIVE #1054 WEST LOS ANGELES, CA 90025 . Introducing the technology of expert teams from various universities in the United States into the company, localized production can provide customers with products with more economic advantages in customized processing services.


Explosion bead process
1. Sol, 2, shot shaping, 3, shot washing and drying, 4, intermediate product inspection, 5, shot drying, 6, shot picking, 7, intermediate product inspection, 8, inner packaging, 9, outsourcing, 10, finished product inspection, 11, warehousing, 12, delivery

The oral explosive bead is mainly used to freshen the breath and remove the oral odor!