Weight loss series

Losing weight is difficult for many people, but the truth is that people misunderstand it. Most people agree that a lot of exercise is needed to Losing weight, or thinking that dieting will keep you from getting fatter, but is that really the case? Nope!


A lot of exercise is useless for weight loss. After strenuous exercise, the body will preferentially retain fat, so the glycogen stored in the muscles is consumed, and the body Weight may be lost, but the fat is still there, which is not a healthy way to lose weight. Losing weight is not that difficult, but no matter what method is used, it needs to be sustained for a long time.


There was a study in the United States. 
They asked 332 adult men and women living in the United States, Jamaica and Africa to match each other for seven consecutive days.Wearing a pedometer, and analyzing how many calories their bodies burned, found that moderate exercise showed better results than heavy exercise. But, think To lose one kilogram, you need to consume 7,700 calories, but jogging for an hour can only reduce 300 calories. If you do not control your diet at the same time, it is difficult to achieve the effect of weight loss fruit.


However, the wrong diet control method will make you lose more and more fat. Dieting is one of them. If you lose weight by starving, you will lose weight faster and regain weight faster. eat is It is human nature that it is impossible for a person to eat less for a lifetime, and the way of losing weight with a long-term calorie deficiency will definitely gain weight back in the end. Since you will be fat in the end Come back, then why bother to starve in the first place. Diet control is not about not eating, but about adjusting your own eating habits, avoiding other meals besides one meal. Food, including afternoon tea and supper. 


Therefore, Jiabeikang launched a series of products to help these dieters suffer; probiotic capsules, apple cider vinegar gummies, ketone capsules, and ketone gummies are all helpful for weight lossers to lose weight quickly Because in this way, consumers can achieve the desired effect and have a certain sense of satiety, so that eating is not a sin;


So three meals are very important. If you eat breakfast, you can lose weight! Among the dieters registered with the National Weight Loss Center in the United States, those who are used to eating breakfast every day Be a successful dieter. The reason for this result is that people will make up for the calories that are not taken in at breakfast, and people will make up for it in lunch, dinner, or even To take in more, but because there is not enough time to consume, it can only be hoarded in the body in the end. You can only rely on auxiliary products to help accelerate the metabolism of the nearest body fat.

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