Solid drink

Solid beverage refers to the solid product with sugar, milk and dairy products, eggs or egg products, fruit juice or edible plant extracts as the main raw materials, and with an appropriate amount of auxiliary materials or food additives, the water content of each 100 grams of finished product is not more than 5 grams, which is in the form of powder, granule or block, and can be prepared or brewed for drinking.


The types we can do are as follows:
1. Flavored solid beverage (fruity solid beverage, milk solid beverage, tea solid beverage, coffee solid beverage, fermented solid beverage, etc.)

Solid drink2. Fruit and vegetable solid beverage (fruit powder, vegetable powder, fruit juice solid beverage, vegetable juice solid beverage, compound fruit and vegetable powder and its solid beverage, other fruit and vegetable solid beverage)

3. Protein solid beverage (including milk protein solid beverage, plant protein solid beverage, compound protein solid beverage, other protein solid beverage)

4. Tea solid beverage (instant tea, ground tea powder, flavored tea solid beverage)

5. Coffee solid drinks (instant coffee, ground coffee, instant/instant coffee drinks, other coffee solid drinks)

6. Plant solid beverage (grain solid beverage, herb solid beverage, cocoa solid beverage, other plant solid beverage)

7. Special purpose solid beverage (sports solid beverage, nutrient solid beverage, energy solid beverage, electrolyte solid beverage, etc.)

8. Other solid drinks


Processing advantages of jiabeikang solid beverage:
Solid drink● The company has many years of experience in the production of health food. It uses advanced technology, advanced production equipment, and unique nutrient addition process to mix a variety of raw materials containing active ingredients into powder and granular products. Advanced sterilization and filling technology can fully maintain the activity of nutrients and highlight the unique nutritional effect of products.

● According to the characteristics of OEM processing production business, we have established a set of order-centric customer service and technical support system, as well as responding to and handling customer requirements to ensure accurate delivery date and product quality.

● The company's factories have more than 5000 square meters of solid beverage SC certification, GMP standard workshop, ISO22000 certification and quality assurance; The weight is significantly reduced, the volume is significantly reduced, and it is convenient to carry; Simple packaging and convenient transportation

Solid drink● Variety, rich nutrition, and easy to maintain sanitation; With unique flavor and easy storage, it is favored by consumers, especially those solid drinks rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which can timely supplement the nutrients needed for human metabolism.

● Natural flavor, good instant solubility, wide application range and convenient drinking;


Production process of solid beverage
Acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials - acceptance - weighing and batching - mixing - wet granulation - drying - total mixing - intermediate product inspection - solid beverage powder and particle packaging - intermediate product inspection - outer packaging - finished product inspection - warehousing - delivery
They are all carried out in a clean environment of 100000.