DropsLiquid drink refers to the drink that can meet the nutritional needs of some special people by adjusting the composition and content proportion of natural nutrients in the drink, is suitable for specific people to drink, has the function of regulating the body, and is not for the purpose of curing diseases. It can also add functional drinks such as dietary fiber, oligosaccharides (bifidobacterium proliferation factor), active probiotics drinks, trace elements (Zn and Se), and plant raw materials. Dietary fiber beverage, such as soybean dietary fiber beverage, konjac edible dietary fiber beverage and fruit peel dietary fiber beverage.


Two advantages of liquid drinks:
1. The dosage form is bagged, and the bagged drinks can also be called hand tear bags. The food-grade composite aluminized film, the composite film made of high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, is used as the packaging material, and the processing form of filling into a strip bag of oral liquid. The finished strip bag is flat and not easy to fold. The liquid strip bag is also the domestic STICK back-sealed liquid strip bag filling production line launched by our company according to the market trend. The hidden longitudinal edge sealing and bag type characteristics adopted for the sealing and packaging determine its distinctive appearance characteristics and exquisite and beautiful bag type. Secondly, Stick strip packaging has multiple columns and fast packaging speed, high packaging space utilization rate, strong user experience, small size and easy to carry.

Drops2. Strong product attraction, especially suitable for sales packaging requirements. Bag packaging is a kind of packaging form with affinity. The products made of strip packaging materials are light, soft, comfortable to handle, and suitable for colorful printing. The information transmission effect is good, making consumers have a good sense of credibility.