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Under the upsurge of plant-based products, Jiabeikang has always adhered to the concept of natural, green, safe, and healthy, and is moving forward in the vegetarian capsule track, only for everyone to get good and safe capsule products. 

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The Jiabeikang team has been researching and exploring for many years, constantly innovating the formula, and gradually improving the production process. 
Tapioca starch is used as raw material, which has natural antibacterial properties. It is extracted from plants and completely isolates the disease residues that may be caused by animal-derived raw materials. 

The choice of green and health is not only reflected in food, but also in health care medicines. 

Vegetable starch capsules are chemically stable, due to their plant inertness, It will not interact with the content, has no cross-linking reaction, and is safe and reliable. 

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